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    Amy Rozny, MARC Youth Coordinator, had the honor of announcing the recipients of the  Model A Youth Restoration Award (MAYRA) at the MARC National Meet in Branson, Missouri. Jay McChord made the presentation at the MAFCA National Convention in Sparks-Reno, NV. Many members of the MAFCA Chapters and MARC Regions who made the awards possible were present to hear the names of those who received an award and the type of Model A being restored.  Amy and Jay both agree with the guiding philosophy of MAYRA that the future of the hobby rests with instilling an interest and love for the Model A in our youth.  Once that interest takes hold, the youth are more likely to stick with the hobby or rekindle the interest in the hobby at a later point in life. And being successful in the restoration often depends on finances and that is why MAYRA helps.   

     Twenty-three years ago, the Model A Youth Restoration Award made its first award of $500 to a young member of the Dallas Model A Ford Club.  This year at the MAFCA National Meet, MAYRA announced its 81st award to a youth who is restoring her Model A.  Nine recipients each received $2,200 in financial assistance.  MAYRA was able to make these awards through the generosity of nearly 88 Model A clubs of both MARC and MAFCA, six Model A parts vendors, the Boards of Directors of both MARC and MAFCA, individuals and memorials.

       MAYRA thanks all of those who have contributed time and finances to these twenty three years of successful assistance to the youth of Canada and the United States in pursuit of our Model A hobby.

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Brooke Lindsay, our only female restorer, caught the interest in the Model A through her grandfather who gave her the 1929 Pickup.   She sees her biggest expense as the wood kit for the cab, missing sheet metal pieces and the wood for the bed. She is 14, lives in Vancouver, WA and is a member of the Volcano A’s. She writes “I hope to have it all completed before I graduate high school.”

Cameron Cox writes on his application, “Restoring my Model A with my grandpa is my favorite project. I have always had fun going over to my Grandpa’s house and my love for Model A’s started when I was finally tall enough to get on a step stool and see what he was working on.  When I was 10, my grandpa gave me a Model A Roadster which was the start of the project I am still working on.” Cameron is 18, lives in Terra Bella, California and is a member of the Capitol A’s with his grandpa.

Garrett Haslett is 19 years old, lives in Oxford, Maine and is restoring a 1929 pickup truck. He is an Eagle Scout and a member of the Pine Tree Chapter. When he was 15, he purchased a 1930 AA Doodlebug tractor and decided that they wanted to build it into a 1929 pickup. He and dad traveled all over Maine looking for parts. Garrett writes “We started with a whole different Model A frame that we found half buried in a pile of chicken manure in Alban, Maine.” To build the engine, they pieced together five junk engines. Garrett needs the funds to continue the restoration. He writes “I can honestly say that it takes a village to build a car. I can also say that building a Model A has taught me a lot of valuable life lessons and has made me a better person. I will try my hardest to keep the Model A and Model T hobby alive in Maine.”

Michael Callander is 21, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and part of a Model A family.  He is restoring a 1928 Roadster Pickup; a process that began eight years ago.  When he was in the eighth grade, he wished for a Model A to restore.  A few months later, a member of the Stampede City Model A Club, now his club, came forth with a 1928 Roaster Pickup that he purchased at a bargain price.  Since then the car has become a project of the club and they are assisting Michael with the restoration as well as donating many parts as a mentorship experience.  Michael received a Model A Youth Restoration Award in 2012 and 2014. “I hope to have the whole truck completed well before I finish university, which will be in two more years” says Michael.

Matthew Goodwin is 16 and lives in Prairieville, Louisiana and is a member of the Redstick Model A Ford Club.  He is restoring at 1930 Pickup Truck. In 2015, he purchased the truck in pieces as an unfinished project of a club member. The chassis is done but the body is not. Matthew writes “I think that an old truck would be so neat to drive and help a younger generation enjoy them in hopes that they may want to preserve them like I do.”

David Sheehan Jr. is 18 years old, lives in Southwick, Massachusetts and is a member of the Connecticut Valley Working A’s. He is restoring a 1930 Tudor. David’s love for the Model A started as a child with the time he spent with his grandfather.  In 2013, his love for the hobby was rekindled. He writes “I have since become one of the most active members in the club” and in his first year, he learned to rebuild an engine. His goal is to restore the car to a touring status.  He added “To me, the Model A isn’t just a car; it’s an automobile that gives a driving experience like no other, allowing one to revert back to a much simpler time. … I can tell you first hand there’s certainly nothing like a Model A Ford.“  Warren Apply, President of the Connecticut Valley Working A’s writes ”Our club members are thankful that David offers his Model A knowledge by helping them solve many of the Model A problems.”

Chandler and Colby Etheredge are two brothers who live in Ft. Worth, TX and are about to select a body style, either roadster or pickup truck, for the Model A frame, engine and transmission that they possess. Chandler is 17 and Colby is 15. They are members of the Ft. Worth Model A Club. Chandler writes ”Colby and I have been involved with Model A’s since we were born. Since we got out of diapers, we have not missed any Texas Tours and are very much involved with the club, seminars, tours, etc.” They hope to have their project completed in time to drive it to the June, 2019 Texas tour “and be the youngest drivers and owners in our club.”  

Luke Richards is 17 and lives in Medway, Massachusetts.  He is a member of the Blackstone Valley Model A Club and is restoring a 1929 Pickup Truck. The truck has been in Luke’s family since it was purchased from the dealer by his uncle. It spent many years as a farm work truck.  It then sat idle for 19 years.  Luke and his father have recently started the restoration process.   Luke learned about spark… “I know we are getting a great spark now since it zapped me and felt like a lightning bolt up my arm.” The truck needs an engine rebuilt, clutch and pressure plate, new interior and paint.

Diezel Cook is 14 and lives in Temperance, Michigan. He is the grandson of Linda Cook. His restoration project is converting a speedster to a Pickup Truck. He is associated with many clubs including Arizona A’s, Western Lake Erie, Downriver A’s and Sweet 16 A’s. In the early 2000, the car participated in the Great Race. The project will mean a major transformation to the body and Diezel will need many new and used parts. He is from a Model A family and will have all the help he needs.  His only regret is that he cannot drive it on the street for two more years.


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